About BitSport

BitSport is a play-and-earn decentralized gaming platform that rewards gamers with crypto for playing their favorite games like FIFA, COD, PubG, 8-Ball Pool, etc. Bitsport.gg first MVP rolled out in 2018 and it has since then morphed into a one-stop DApp where gamers can now interact with various modes to compete, stake, and earn while enjoying their favorite games.

BitSport recently launched BitPool, the world's first AI-powered Web3-based 8-ball pool game, which allows gamers to earn rewards through its native token, $BITP. With its innovative approach to gaming, BitSport has become a game-changer in the industry creating new revenue streams for game developers and solidifying its position as a leader in play-and-earn gaming.

BitSport completed its Pre-Seed round which was led by Cardano Blockchain (Emurgo & Adaverse), Signal Hills, and Blockcensus Capital Inc. The platform's use of Web3 technology and blockchain has created a more equitable gaming industry that benefits not just gamers only,but even game developers, studios, and the entire gaming space at large.

BitSport's $BITP Private Sale is still currently live and open until 30th June, 2023. IFO & listing on Pancakeswap is scheduled for Mid June.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to be a part of the future of gaming fueled finance.


Allocation 2.5% - 12,500,000 $BITP
Token Price $0.15/BITP
Total Raise $1,000,000
SoftCap $400,000
HardCap $1,000,000
Vesting 12 Months
Cliff 3 Months after 1st TGE

Vesting Schedule

Month TGE%
1 25
2 22
3 18
4 17.5
5 17.5

Token Information

Token Name - $BITP

Token Total Supply - 500,000,000 $BITP

20% - Ecosystem Incentive and Marketing
20% - Public Sale
12% - Development Program Foundation
10% - Listing
10% - Private Sale
10% - Team & Advisors
10% - Influencers Reward
7% - BitSports Esport Program
1% - Bounty Campaign

$BITP Use Cases :

- Used by Gamers for PVP Challenge Staking

- Used by the community & gamers for BitSport Live Staking

- Used for Online Regional Tournaments participation

- TVT Challenge Staking

- Locked-Liquidity Match Staking

- Bitverse

- PlayChain

- Voting Rights

Private Sale Fundraise use

  • Further DApp Development
  • Roll Out Mobile games on the DApp to increase More Adoption
  • Influncers/Creatives Marketing Contests
  • Regional Tournaments & Lives
  • Marketing
  • DEX Listing & Liquidity Pool

Participant Benefits :

- Join Top Venture Capitals like Adaverse, Cardano Blockchain, Draper Labs, Signal Hills & BlockCensus Capital Inc. and get early access to the project shaping the future of Gaming Fueled Finance.

  • Reduced Token Price
  • Private Sale participants also get a heavy discount on the $BITP tokens sale giving a first-mover advantage compared to purchasing tokens during the public IDO and listing.

    Pride of being an early believer of a Unicorn at early stage

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    Private Sale Information

    Private Sale Cap
    2,000,000 BITP
    Progress 45.4016%
    Participants 15
    Buy in Limit $100 - $50,000